Homemade Hair Care Tips


Hairs are an essential part of your personality and need special care for keeping them healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Remember, long coats are never the symbol of beauty, but healthy hairs are.

Homemade Hair Care Tips

Either which color and length your hairs are, you might look beautiful if they are strong, dense, and healthy. There are several hair care tips that you can easily carry out at home to make your hairs look healthy and beautiful. The following are some of the homemade Hair Care tips for you.

  • Keep them free of dirt.

Always keep your free of dirt and pollution. Wash them regularly. Dirt particles cause resistance in the blood circulation making the hair weak. Moreover, it causes the hairs to get sticky. So, washing the hairs with the right shampoo is suitable for their health.

  • Apply yogurt and egg mask

Applying the homemade mask is beneficial for their health and beauty. Different hair masks can get easily prepared and used to resolve various hair problems like baldness, weakness, split ends, and many more.

Applying egg and yogurt’s mask is proved to be the best and a typical kind of show for healthy hair. Beat an egg properly and add half to a full cup of yogurt to it. Mix it well. You can also add a few drops of oil and lemon to increase it’s functioning. Apply it all over the head and keep the hair covered for about an hour. Wash it thoroughly and enjoy soft and silky hair.

  • Coffee mixture

A coffee mask is said to be good for hairs. Take a spoonful of coffee and a cup of black tea. Mix it and add lemon to it. Apply the paste for half an hour and wash afterward. It will improve the length of hair as well as make them healthy.

  • Onion juice

For treating hairs at home, onion juice, we proved to be beneficial. Take more than onion and squeeze or take its juice out by mashing it. Alternatively, you can rub the onion slices at the head too. This juice is beneficial for growing new hairs as well as strengthening them.

  • Massage hair regularly

Massaging the hair with any good quality oil is the best. However, you can also prepare massage oil by adding an equal quantity of olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and clove oil. It will keep the hair healthy, black, and shiny. Massage with it at least twice a week and keep it overnight for the best result.


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