3 Ways to Straight Hair Tips for beautiful look and attractive, no wonder the elegant look is so popular. You have the choice between the various techniques to straighten your hair. Brush your hair and pulling a round brush or paddle will work. With an iron or applying a semi-permanent hair straightener results in straight hair. By experimenting with hairstyles, women weave, pin up, color and curl hair. Sooner or later, most women discover the elegant look.

3 Ways to Straight Hair Tips

Models worldwide embrace smooth hairstyles. On and off the podium between Los Angeles and Cannes, straight hair intrigues and attracts attention. Go ahead and try on the elegant style, You will be surprised how effective this look lends itself to so many variations. The right choice of recovery method depends on your style and how long you want to stay your hair straight. Keep reading to you to find your hair style and the proper method for straightening.

3 Ways to Straight Hair Tips and Tricks

Blow Dry Hair Straight With Paddle Brush

The classic method is to pull your hair a round brush or paddle the teeth to straighten it. Most women have these handy tools. In this method, the towel-dried hair strands are brush, rolled briefly treated in a stream of air hair dryer and then fired straight through the brush. A round brush works best for short hair then brush is more suitable for long hair. Align your hair is easier, after applying a lotion or spray recovery. Contain some of the training products heat shield to save your hair from damage and dry for blow-drying. Set up your hair by using a round brush, blow-drying or paddle while it is very easy and the effect lasts one day. But women with naturally curly hair, at best, produce wavy hair using this method.

Blow Dry Hair Straight With Paddle Brush

Hair Straightening Using Flat Iron

The use of a flat iron is an effective relaxation process. We recommend the method for women with naturally curly hair and for women who are not satisfied with the dry brush stroke recovery. Do not forget protection from heat by the hair towel dried (preferably by combing the hair with a wide tooth comb) before you operate the iron. Now you are ready to get around the flat iron to take sections of your hair fast continuous movement. Flat iron with ceramic coatings or other work best, because they heat the hair evenly and gently “3 Ways to Straight Hair Tips”.

Hair Straightening Using Flat Iron & 3 Ways to Straight Hair Tips

This method keeps hair straight for up to two days. Straighten shortwave reappear after the first night. With practice you grow your skills straightening hair. Make sure your hair for dry and damaged hair once a week give a conditioning treatment to prevent hair permanent damage.

Semi Permanent Hair Straightening at Home

You can create this elegant look, even if your hair is curly, frizzy or very undisciplined. Apply just pick a brush kit to smooth hair. The hair is stretched in two stages. In the first step, the serum, the straightening keratin, silk and wheat to the hair, which is then applied just combed. To flush the smoothing serum after 20 minutes using warm water. Serum smoothes not only hair, but also makes it soft and supple. After treatment, serum, apply a sealer for 10 minutes combing the hair a few times. The sealant will ensure that your hair remains smooth and straight.

Semi Permanent Hair Straightening at Home and 3 Ways to Straight Hair Tips

Applying the recovery package keeps hair straight for up to ten shampoos. After washing, you can use your hair dryer to cool the beautiful look “3 ways to straight hair tips”. In an instant, you will already be visible straighter hair as straight and smooth as you want it.


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